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535-537 Central Avenue, Orange, NJ

1. An addition to the front of the Bella Italia Restaurant building was intentionally built several feet over the property boundaries and onto the public right of way (sidewalk) obscuring the view of traffic at a dangerous intersection. Southbound traffic on South Jefferson Street now has to travel past the stop sign, through the pedestrian walk and into the westbound lane of traffic of Central Avenue just to see intersecting traffic. The westbound lane of traffic on Central Avenue is at a higher rate of speed and the South Jefferson Street traffic is now directly in the path. Death or injuries are eminent due to substantially decreased visibility. 

Multiple permits were improperly issued in the first place. Three of which are that they required Orange zoning board approval,  Essex County Board approval and additionally invalid because Mr. Granata did not own the property he built on. It is public right of way (Sidewalk) so the permits may have been fraudulently obtained as well. 

This violation may have retroactive consequences as this may have already been a factor in accidents there and Mr. Granata may have some liability as this was an unknown factor.

2. A buffer zone that was ordered by the City of Orange Township Municipal Court to be installed at the rear of the 537 Central Avenue property was installed then removed in defiance of the court order.


Mayor Dwayne D. Warren connection

As far as I know no efforts were ever made to correct these problems and many others at the establishment since I have never received any response to my written complaints or phone calls. As you will see on this site multiple complaints were made in the last 6 months but some of these issues go back several years. Regardless of when they occurred they are still violations and I have been making complaints to this administration for quite some time. The complaints were made to the Zoning Officer who improperly and erroneously issued the permits and who works under the Business Administrator and Director of Planning to whom I also made complaints and which have both been appointed by Mayor Dwight D. Warren who uses the establishment for township and his personal political fundraising activities. 

Orange public works snowplows are also being used to plow snow at the establishment and are paid for by taxpayer dollars while the sidewalk on the Joyce Street side has not had the snow removed from the sidewalk in over 2 years.

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Front Expansion of Building

The property owner applied for permits on property that he did not own. The front of the building has been expanded over the property boundries onto the public right of way (ROW) sidewalk dangerously obscuring the view of traffic and endangering traffic and pedestrians.

Removal of Court Ordered Buffer Zone

Because of prior illegal expansions to the property a Buffer Zone was ordered by the City of Orange Municipal Court to be installed between properties. This Buffer Zone was installed then removed after inspection.



The Orange NJ Department of Public Works improperly plowing snow from the parking lot of the Bella Italia Restaurant, Orange, NJ with taxpayer equipment and dollars while the sidewalk on the Joyce Street side of this lot has not had the snow removed in over 2 years so citizens could use the sidewalk. Mayor of Orange, NJ,  Dwayne D. Warren, Esq  patronizes the restaurant for political fundraising events and has apparently not directed his staff to enforce documented criminal activity at the restaurant.

Nuisance Activities perpetrated by Salvatore Granata

 Salvatore Granata actually stole property rights from my 95 year old mother by placing an illegal easement on her property without her knowledge or consent. We had to retain an attorney to have his illegal easement removed. He has been directing a nuisance campaign towards my family and myself including trespassing, vandalism and mafia style death threats displays as well as making false statements to police and false property complaints. 

Building codes and other violations

Additional Violations Site

This property has been illegally expanded and the building enlarge multiple times without any planning board approval which was required EACH time because of the property deficiencies, had not received permits from Essex County and has built his building larger then the plans he filed.

This is the old complaint site which has the actual code violations and additional information. This site is in the process of being migrated here.

Additional Issues

NO ZONING BOARD OR PLANNING BOARD APPROVAL FOR AT LEAST 4 MAJOR PROPERTY AND BUILDING EXPANSIONS. ALL OF WHICH WOULD REQUIRE THEM. In fact as far as my research shows this property has never gone in front of any board and has been developed from a small restaurant to a banquet hall 

1. Disappearing lot lines from the tax office illegally expanding the property into surrounding properties at 535-537 Central Ave without Orange or Essex County Planning or Zoning Board Approval.

2. The Zoning officer stated that the new building addition was built larger than the permit and construction plans that were filed with the building department stated. The building plans and site plans for the large new Central Avenue building have now disappeared from the building department.

3. Expansion of the 535-537 property into 2 more lots, 243 and 245 South Jefferson Street which now totals expanding into 4 Lots, all without any legal planning or zoning board approvals. Salvatore Granata was given a summons on this type of issue prior so this makes 2 more times knowing it is illegal. 

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