Nuisance Issues - Photos and video at the bottom of the page

Some of the issues with Salvatore Granata and the Bella Italia Restaurant. Photo and video at bottom


Partial list of disturbing nuisance activity documented and preserved with photographic and video evidence.

I would not lower myself to return engage this type of activity but it is disturbing none the less to see what great lengths Salvatore Granata has gone through, even with just with the mirror death threat alone. A very sick individual indeed. God will judge him. All truth will be known.  Truly Spiritual Warfare!

Since the Orange police have refused to take any additional reports on Mr. Granata after taking the first reported threat of assault to me by Salvatore Granata, even though they were called and presented with evidence and witness reports of his actions upon their arrival. 

I have no alternative then to photograph and chronicle them as a way to preserve the evidence and protect myself and my family from his activities and lies.

1. VERY disturbing display of a mirror with a hole carefully broken where the viewers mouth (me) would be stuffed with a rag and left pointing at my back door so I would see it when I leave my house.  The Orange Police were called by my mother from her house which is next door. Two officers arrived and witnessed the display, then witnessed Salvatore Granata himself come up to the display just outside my back door on his property, put the display in his truck and drive away while two Orange Police Officers watched with disbelief. Then they said they would not know what to report. Yes you guessed it! NO report. 

2. Salvatore Granita’s truck in the same position with the rag in the window plus added trash bag and cones as horns on the roof outside my door on many occasions.

3. Playing loud music next to my house from his car after 2 am. SEE Video Below.

4. Yelling profanities at my house trying to bait me into a confrontation.

5. Salvatore Granata trespassing on my 95 year old mothers property which is also next to his property, cutting her bushes and throwing the large branches in her walkway and leaving them there. She has trouble walking and requires a wheelchair. Called the Orange Police again. No report. They said how do they know it is her property. Really?

6. Salvatore Granata Illegally placed an easement on my 95 year old mothers property without her knowledge or consent complete with a phony survey made by Marucci Engineering, essentially stealing her property rights. She had to hire an attorney at her expense to have the illegal easement removed from her property. It was nice that his surveyor placed a pin in the ground in a place which proves that the illegal easement was intentional to steal her property which borders his property. 

7. Salvatore Granata making a false claim and giving false information to the Orange Police department after I asked him to stop blowing debris onto my mothers property with a backpack leafblower. I told the police to review the 3 security cameras he has trained on the area, if what he said was true they would see it. Mr. Granata then told them the 3 cameras were broken. Well- my camera wasn’t broken so I am waiting for something to come of it so we can add perjury and making false statements charges to this list.

8. Making false complaints to the code enforcement officer on my and my mothers property for a no issue tree and for weeds growing through HIS fence. Yes! HIS fence. All on HIS property, NOT MINE. I had to appear in court for nothing.

9. Yelling threats to fight me through his back fence. He didn’t notice someone else sitting on my back steps to witness it. The ONLY report the Orange Police took.

10. Not removing the snow from his 548 Joyce Street property sidewalk for years. And to make things worse last year he plowed the snow from his lot onto the sidewalk several feet high and pedestrians could not walk on it for weeks. I also have video of Orange Public Works trucks plowing snow there.

The nuisance activity perpetrated by Salvatore Granata has slowed a bit but not stopped since I have been recording and posting it online. He has now resorted to making false complaints to the Police and the Building Department. Above are the top 10. Sorry I don’t have time to record everything. 

I will add more and update when they happen and when I have time.

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Salvatore Granata playing loud music next to my house late at night. The music this time was better then the LOUD Rap he did previously but still annoying. Apparently not just to be annoying but to bait me into a confrontation so it could be recorded with his multiple video cameras.