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As far as I know no efforts were ever made to correct these problems and many others at the establishment since I have never received any response to my written complaints or phone calls. As you will see on this site multiple complaints were made in the last 6 months but some of these issues go back several years. Regardless of when they occurred they are still violations and I have been making complaints to this administration for quite some time. The complaints were made to the Zoning Officer who improperly and erroneously issued the permits and who works under the Business Administrator and Director of Planning to whom I also made complaints and which have both been appointed by Mayor Dwight D. Warren who uses the establishment for township and his personal political fundraising activities. 

Orange public works snowplows are also being used to plow snow at the establishment as well and are paid for by taxpayer dollars while the sidewalk on the Joyce Street side has not had the snow removed from the sidewalk in over 2 years.



Complaint website with photos and video:


Corruption in the City of Orange Township

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq

 Dear Mayor Warren (and other recipients),

I am reaching out to you in this open letter with a sincere heart. I am also posting this letter online and forwarding it to other relevant parties.  The life threatening and multiple illegal violations at the Bella Italia Restaurant must be dealt with now. This has gone on far too long. It is a dereliction of your duty as an elected official and mayor of the City of Orange Township not to immediately demand your administration enforce the law and the court decision as well as to address the dangerous building violation at The Bella Italia Restaurant which will most likely result in deaths or injuries. This land should never be developed as it is a vital part of the intersection and benefits the safety of our citizens and anyone who challenges that should be immediately removed from their position for a dereliction of their duty and obvious ethics violation. That’s why this space was there undeveloped in the first place. Until it was stolen. 

It is also highly suspect and improper that after you have been informed of the issues you are using the same restaurant that has been issued improper permits from your zoning officer and has multiple violations, without you, your appointed DPW/PD director or any member of your staff taking the appropriate or any action on the violations, while at the same time you are using the Bella Italia Restaurant for your political fundraising efforts and township events. Your administration now seems to be part of the problem not the solution.

I see you have a fundraising event scheduled at the Bella Italia Restaurant on April 26, 2018. You have the authority to instruct your administration to have at least the top three (3) of these issues resolved by then. If they cannot be resolved by then I believe the proper thing to do as an elected mayor is for you to schedule your event as well as any publicly funded events at another venue that is not breaking the law or creating a major safety hazard so as not to appear to have, bolster or confirm the appearance of corruption in your administration. I believe this is the proper behavior for any elected official or anyone running for office.

These and the other issues are sure to come to light if the violations are allowed to continue. The zoning officer City of Orange Township and Essex County Planning and Zoning Board members who allow this safety hazard to remain blocking the view of traffic or attempt to allow the property to be transferred or sold to Mr. Granata who has repeatedly and illegally developed it even though it is public property and he doesn’t own it and without regard to safety and human life will be exposed for what they are. The illegal expansion needs to be removed not developed or sold and the sidewalk and setback view restored. It is a safety hazard.

If Salvatore Granata was a man of integrity he would just do the right thing and return the stolen property at the front of the Bella Italia Restaurant and PROPERLY reinstall the court ordered buffer zone at the rear and move on without jeopardizing any of his “friends” and without any more to do about it, even if he wasn’t legally obligated to do so, which he is, as well as stop this behavior in the future. 

I have no other moral choice then to bring these issues to light. When someone is killed or injured there I know I did all I could to save them. What if your child or someone you love is injured or killed there?  Because I know about this, and it truly is a hazard I believe GOD has put me here for HIS purpose. Whether it be to save the lives of those who could be killed or injured at the intersection, or expose those involved and the corrupt political machine that allows it to continue endangering lives for “free food” as I am told by witness, or a one dollar box of macaroni & drink that not only can cost lives but in this case has already cost tens of thousands of dollars in development fees on this property alone and the property rights of the surrounding neighbors being violated because none of SEVERAL REQUIRED zoning or planning board meetings ever took place. 

Information for you and others…

It seems it has gotten to the point in the West ward and possibly all over the city where must police our own blocks. Some politicians, appointees and city employees have lost touch with all the people and issues in Orange and mostly respond to those who do business with city hall.  Some just can’t be trusted or are incompetent. The Zoning Officer in Orange is a city employee that works under the Director of Planning/DPW and The Business Administrator who are both are appointed by the mayor, has given Salvatore Granata several improper zoning permits for work that was required to go in front of the zoning and/or planning board and didn’t. He either just improperly gave him approval or allowed him to operate illegally without having to go in front of the board at a great loss to the citizens and the city.

It’s a sad thing that you cannot trust this administration to do the right thing, respond to your complaints, return your calls or tell you the truth. The zoning officer is required to makes his decisions based on the city codes as to whether something is allowed to develop as designed or must go in front of the zoning board of adjustments. He is required to make his decision based on the building codes for the city of Orange. Not to please his boss, not to save the permit taker thousands of dollars in development fees, not for a favor or worse.

An outside entity should check every zoning permit that did not go in front of any board for validity, because that’s where the problem is. If there were 8 just on one building on my block, I’ll bet there are hundreds that were improperly issued at a loss of possibly millions of dollars of revenue or reassignment into some pockets. Improperly issued Zoning permits should be reevaluated and corrected. We should not have to subsidize those who can clearly afford to pay and play by the rules for the benefit of some pockets. We should stop making Orange a second-class city. If we see something that is not right, we should say something and make the world a better place for the next generation.

If I have unintentionally offended you or any honest people with some generalizations in this letter I apologize, that truly is not my intention.  I know if you are truly honest you won’t be offended.  There are clearly many good, honest, hardworking people in the city. You may even be repressed buy those above you making it difficult to do the right thing. Always know that it is never the wrong time to do the right thing and speak up. You will be blessed by it and someone may be saved.

I am available to discuss these issues if you like, or if you or anyone needs more documentation.

All the documentation you need, some of the violations, issues, photos, video, and downloadable documents to inform the public of this dangerous situation and enable you the information you need to take immediate action, and which was already sent to your team can be seen at the complaint website:


David Rossi, CPP

Former: Orange Housing Authority Commissioner.

Former: Vice Chairman Orange Housing and Development Corp.

Adjacent property owner.


Dwayne Warren Complaint Letter (pdf)