Buffer Zone Removal Complaint

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Mr. Christopher Hartwyk, Business Administrator. - chartwyk@ci.orange.nj.us

Mr. Marty Mayes, Director, P&D, DPW. - mmayes@ci.orange.nj.us

Mr. Richard Wolff, Zoning Officer. - rwolff@ci.orange.nj.us

29 North Day Street

Orange, NJ 07050



RE: Salvatore Granata, Bella Italia Restaurant. 537 Central Avenue


A Court Ordered arborvitae evergreen tree line buffer zone has been removed from the rear property line of 537 Central Avenue in defiance of an Orange Municipal court order. (See Attached)

Because of prior illegal property expansions of the Bella Italia Restaurant by Salvatore Granata which included his removal of a fence and a 50+ year old existing natural tree line and buffer zone at the rear of his 537 Central Avenue and East side of his 548 Joyce Street property, the Zoning office made a complaint and the Orange Municipal Court ordered Mr. Granata to install a new buffer zone.

Mr. Granata complied at the time but has removed the tree line buffer zone from the rear property line of 537 Central Avenue in violation of the Orange Municipal Court order.

This tree line screening needs to be replaced immediately as per court order with trees of the taller height that Mr. Granata has removed and the tree line should be extended to include screening for the new area of property now illegally expanded into at the rear of 243 South Jefferson Street. This is the perfect time for fall planting.

The buffer zone tree line was ordered to be along the entire rear property line of the Bella Italia Restaurant at 537 Central Avenue where it meets the rear of 538-540 Joyce street. (see attached diagram) The buffer zone tree line was ordered to be a continuous line of 7’ to 8’ tall at planting arborvitae trees mixed with 3 Cleveland pear trees placed 3 feet away from existing fencing (Trunks planted 3 feet away from fence) by no more than 3 feet apart to insure proper screening.

As this is the perfect time for fall planting I assume you will order this buffer zone to be reinstalled immediately.


Phase One Landscaping Diagram, Attorney Michael Sanders compliance fax, Photos.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best Regards,

David Rossi, CPP

Adjacent property owner.

Former Commissioner, Orange Housing Authority.

Former Vice Chairman, Orange Housing and Development Corp.



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